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Shaoming Zhu


Dr. Shaoming Zhu is an advocate of inclusive global governance and the founder of the Foundation for Law and International Affairs. She is also a legal scholar and currently a postdoc research fellow at Tsinghua University School of Public Policy and Management. She works to advocate for empowering individuals in global governance and implementing inclusive decision-making mechanics in transnational infrastructure projects. She is the author of two academic books. Her publications, including books, journal articles, blogs, and funded research projects focus on international law, international negotiations, NGOs and global governance, Chinese legislation on social and economic development, and other related topics. She has been granted more than 40 awards for her academic and social work.


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The Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law, Doctor of Juridical Science, 2013 - 2017

Beijing Normal University, Master of Law (Valedictorian), 2010 - 2013

Chang’an University, Bachelor of Law (Valedictorian), 2006 - 2010

Selected Publications

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Slected Publications





The Chinese Conflicts of Law: A Restatement and Legisprudence Proposal (English), Wildy, Simmonds and Hill, February 2018



Enterprise Non-litigation Legal Affairs (Chinese), Tsinghua University Press, 2015



Book Chapter



The Education of Legal Professional in the United States: A Statistical Analysis (Chinese), Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2017






Conflict of Laws in the People’s Republic of China: Review and Commentary (English), The Journal of Comparative Law, XII 2017



Empirical Studies on Chinese Overseas Young Students’ Patriotic Consciousness (Chinese), China Youth Study (CSSCI), Second Author, September 2014



An Analysis on Legal Value of the Organizational Structure of Commercial Bank Bankruptcy System under Comparative Perspective (Chinese), Jingshi Law Review (Vol 9), December 2013



Legislative Conception of Service Standardization (Chinese), Jianghan Tribune (CSSCI), Second Author, 2013



Constitutional Culture in Chinese Traditional Legal Culture -- By the Perspective of the Ceremony Value (Chinese), Jingshi Law Review, 2012



Jurisprudential Definition of View (Chinese), Journal of Hebei University of Engineering (Social Science Edition), 2012



Dong Biwu’s Legal Thought and Legal Practice in the Revolution of 1911 (Chinese), Collection Studies of Dong Biwu’ Legal Thought, 2011



Research Report on the Situation of Education for AIDS prevention for College Students (Chinese), Value Engineering, 2011



The Analysis of Zhou Enlai’s Constitutional Thought (Chinese), Bridge of Century, 2010



Countermeasures for Extended detention (Chinese), Journal of Shaanxi Politics and Law Institute for Administrators, 2010






Flora Sapio, (English-Chinese) The New International Trade and Investment Rules between Globalization and Anti-Globalization (Chinese), Intellectual Property Press, February 2018.



Flora Sapio, (English-Chinese) An Overview on Social Credit Systems in Europe (English-Chinese), Internet Finance Law Review, 2017 (3)



Selected E-Journal and Blog Articles



La Legge sulle organizzazioni caritatevoli e la qualità dell’attività legislativa in Cina (Italian), Orizzonte

Cina, Vol. 7, N. 2, April 2016



Commentary on Professor Wang Hui’s “Contradiction, Systemic Crisis and the Direction for Change

(English): An Interview with Wang Hui”, April 2016



Comments on Professor Taisu Zhang’s “China’s Coming Ideological Wars” (English), March 2016



Comments on Professor Jerome Cohen’s “A Looming Crisis for China’s Legal System” (English),

February 2016



Non-Governmental Organizations in China -- Background Brief Coalition for Peace & Ethics, (English)

No.1/6 June 2015



Public Commentary on China’s Draft Foreign NGO Management law, -- Background Brief Coalition for

Peace & Ethics (English), No. 2/6, June 2015



Introduction to China’s (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone -- New Coalition for Peace & Ethics Working

Paper (English), April 2014

Research Projects

( 03 )

Selected Governmental Research Projects


“Social Organizations and Local Judiciary” (Chinese), Research Center for the Capability of Local Judicial of Sichuan Province, 2017



 “A study on the 'go out' policy system for social organization” (Chinese), Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, 2016 (National Third Award)



“Important Technical Standards of the Public Cultural Service Establishments” (Chinese), Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, 2012


“A Comparative Study about the Legislation of Standardization and Operational Mode of the Service Industry” (Chinese), Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, 2010 - 2011


( 04 )

Selected Academic Presentations

Legal Education for the Belt and Road Initiative (Chinese), Henan Normal University & East China​ University of Political Science and Law, April 2018

The Role of NGOs in Environmental Lobbying and Litigation in the US and its Lessons for China (English), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, November 2017

The Education of Law and International Affairs under the Background of Anti-Globalization (Chinese), Yantai University, March 2017


Judicial Reform and Legislative Reform: Conflicts and Mutual Promotion (English), 11th Annual General Conference of the European China Law Studies Association, University of Roma Tre, September 2016


The Role of Foreign Scholars in the Study of Chinese Law: the Globalization of Legal Education (English), Naples Eastern University, September 2016

Our Generations’ Mission in Legal Profession: International and Historical Perspective (English), Penn State University, March 2016


The Legisprudence of Conflict of Laws within Mainland China (English), The 5th Midatlantic SJD Roundtable, Georgetown University Law Center, November 2015


International Civil Jurisdiction in Chinese Courts: A Comparative Study with the US (English), the 11th Annual Inter-University Graduate Conference, The JSD Association and the Graduate Legal Studies Department at Cornell Law School, April 2015

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Work Experience

Work Experience

Founder & President, Foundation for Law and International Affairs, 2015 –


Research Assistant, Professor Larry Backer, Penn State Law School, 2013 – 2016



Assistant Procurator (Intern), Xi’an Weiyang District People’s Procuratorate, 2009


Clerk (Intern), Urumchi Tianshan Distict People’s Court. 2008

( 06 )

Extra-Curricular Experience

President, The Penn State Research and Career Development Network for Law and International Affairs,

2015 - 2017

Founder, Model UN of Chang’an University, 2010

President, Students’ Government of Chang’an University, 2008 - 2009

Member, 9th Committee of Shanxi Province Youth Federation, 2008

( 07 )


Honors and Awards

Penn State University Graduate Student Service Award, 2017


In recognition of the graduate student who has best combined high academic achievement with leadership in Penn State University and other public activities.



Third Prize of Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs Research Projects, 2017



Penn State University Student Leader Scholarship, 2016



National Scholarship for the most Outstanding Students; 2013, 2008, 2007



Second Prize in the International Criminal Court Moot Trial Competition (China), 2012



Academic and Comprehensive Scholarship of Beijing Normal University; 2012, 2011



Outstanding Thesis of Chang’an University, 2010



Outstanding Student Leader of Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province, 2010



The Best Agent of the 2nd Beijing Moot Arbitration Competition, 2010



Chang’an University “Most Inspiring Student” Award, 2008



And more than 40 other awards. 

Entrepreneurial Work

( 09 )

Qualifications and Certificates

Chinese University Cadre Students Training School Diploma, 2010

Legal Profession Qualification Certificate of People’s Republic of China, 2012

Trial Advocacy Using the Federal Rules of Evidence (USA) Summer School Certificate (English), 2012


( 10 )

Media Interviews

China Profiles, China, 2010

Shanxi Television, China, 2010

Cecilia Attanasio Ghezzi, 2016

Pagina 99, Italy, 2017​

People’s Daily (English), 2018

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